Privacy policy

At Nippon Access Inc., we consider protecting personal information that our customers have provided on our website such as name, address, and other personal information (hereinafter “personal information”) as our societal duty.
At our website(, in regards to handling personal information, we devise as follows to protect personal information. Also, we set the applicable range to within our website. We will not be responsible for other websites that are linked from our website, so please refer to each website to confirm.

1. We will establish an appropriate management system for protecting your personal information.

(1)Appointment of the Head Administrator for Personal Information Protection
An executive officer from our company will be appointed as the Head Administrator in being responsible of protecting personal information (hereinafter ""Head Administrator"").

(2)Management Operation
The Head Administrator will properly manage and administrate the personal information protection policy of our company.

(3)Protection of Personal Information by Administrator
A Personal Information Protection Administrator (hereinafter ""Administrator"") will be designated in each area of our operations to implement the protection of personal information.

2. We will handle personal information in an appropriate manner.

We believe that any collection, use, provision, and outsourcing of personal information that goes against your will is an infringement on your rights. Therefore, we will work to ensure that personal information is handled appropriately and carefully according to the rules clearly stated below.

(1)Collection of personal information
When your personal information is collected, we will clarify the purpose of its use, and will specify our support window upon collecting personal information within necessary range.

(2)Use and storage of personal information
Your personal information will only be used within the purpose of use. Additionally, those who handle personal information will be specified, and we will strive to store your personal information in a strict manner.

(3)Providing and entrusting personal information
Unless there is a prior consent notice, the personal information we collect will not be provided to a third party, unless otherwise required or permitted to disclose by law. When entrusting personal information, we will be responsible for supervising the entrusted partner to ensure your personal information will be safely managed.

3. We will work to prevent unauthorized access, loss, damage, falsification, and leakage of personal information.

In order to ensure the safety of your personal information, security measures will be implemented with respect to unauthorized access or computer viruses, etc. In addition, we will strive to improve, revise, and continually maintain the highest standard of conditions.

4. We will adhere to laws, regulations, and rules governing personal information.

We will comply with the laws and regulations pertaining to personal information, including the Law on the Protection of Personal Information. With respect to the handling of personal information, we will act in accordance with internal regulations and the internal operational manual. The internal regulations and internal operational manual will also be constantly reviewed as we strive for continuous improvement.

5. We will respect your rights pertaining to personal information.

If you wish to disclose, correct, add, delete, or cancel the use of the personal information you have provided, we will promptly respond to your request within a reasonable scope.

The privacy policy stated above may be reviewed or revised at our discretion. In this event, notification of such will be made via this website.