Corporate Philosophy

Taste that touches your heart Our Mission
  • Protect

    At NIPPON ACCESS, we support healthy lives and eating habits protecting the safety and security of the food that's fundamental central to our daily lives.

  • Connect

    At Nipon Access, we promote wholesome and rich eating habits by optimally connecting distribution channel from producers to consumers.

  • Create

    At NIPPON ACCESS, we grow alongside our business partners by creating a new value in respecting an inherited food culture.

Through protect, connect, and create,
NIPPON ACCESS enhance our corporate pride and plays
a role as the bridge between people
and food with concentrating individual talents.

  • Customers

    To be the most confidential and indispensable partner for customers and clients.

  • Stakeholders

    To be the company who steadily increase its corporative value by expending our business field to overseas as well as domestics market.

  • Society

    To be the company providing a food lifeline that is safe,secure,and most efficient.

  • Employees

    To be the company where employees can take pride in and can feel job satisfaction comes from achieveing misslons.

Our fundamental values
  • Passion

    With a pride and a passion in our hearts,by taking part in a food business,we will retain a strong will until we succeed.

  • Challenge

    We move forward our goals even under any difficulty,improve ourselves with active working.

  • Creation

    By responding frexibly to changing times and conditions, we create a new world with a spirits of creativity and innovation.

  • Intergrity

    Based on a strong ethical sence,we act responsibly in keeping in mind the potential impact on our surroundings.

  • Respect

    We take action taking into our consideration of mutual confidence consensus with our partners.

  • Gratitude

    We maintain a sense of gratitude and obligation toward all our stakeholders.

Environmental Policy

Basic Principles

Based on our corporate philosophy, as a company that handles food, NIPPON ACCESS conducts its business activities with a great appreciation for the blessings of people and nature. We consider it our social responsibility to pass on the source of all life that is the global environment, to further generations in a healthier state, and contribute to building a sustainable society through communication with customers, society, employees, shareholders, and other stakeholders.

Action Guidelines
  • 1. We will work to minimize environmental impact by reducing energy consumption, resource saving, reducing waste, recycling, and exhaust gas reduction.
  • 2. We will promote the development of products and services that contribute to environmental conservation.
  • 3. We will strive to prevent environmental pollution through the proper disposal of waste.
  • 4. We will strive to reduce food loss through various activities as a wholesaler.
  • 5. We will strive to ensure food safety and security.
  • 6. We will establish management standards for compliance with environmental laws and regulations, and work to prevent environmental risks.
  • 7. We will continuously improve environmental performance through our environmental management system initiatives.
  • 8. We will strive to foster human resources who can contribute to environmental conservation, while improving the working environment.
  • 9. We will actively promote social contribution activities to coexist with society.
  • 10. This environmental policy will be fully disseminated within the organization and made public outside the company.

April 1, 2017

Diversity Declaration

NIPPON ACCESS has merged and integrated with many companies in the past, and is therefore full of diverse culture. While accepting this diverse culture, we also consciously improve upon it, by utilizing human resources regardless of individual attributes like gender, age, nationality, or disability, or personal circumstances like having children to care for, or elderly family members in nursing care. Each and every employees shall wholeheartedly embrace our corporate culture firmly rooted in diversity and inclusion. Furthermore, by embodying the three words that represent our corporate mission- "Protect, Connect, Create", workers will enhance their motivation, concentrate their individual talents, and we will fulfill our role as a bridge to the future for people and food—this is our Diversity Declaration.

Our fundamental values

Compliance and Risk Management

As many stakeholders are involved in the task of delivering and distributing food, there are many regulatory laws and risks that we need to pay close attention to. By continuously reforming our Compliance and Risk Management system, we avoid legal offense and risks beforehand as a 'defense' to becoming a trustworthy company. We work with an attitude of maintaining high levels of conscientiousness throughout all employees through the coordination of our committee to manage the entire company, specialized departments, and specific fields.

Compliance System
Compliance System
Risk Management System
Risk Management System