The Origin of NIPPON ACCESS, Inc.
October 1952 Founded Yuki Ice Co., Ltd.
May 1957 Changes company name to Yukijirushi Bussan Co., Ltd.
February 1965 Transferred business rights to operate in Kansai district to Yukijirushi Shoji Co., Ltd. (Osaka).
October 1970 Business alliance with Yukijirushi Shoji Co., Ltd. (Osaka)
October 1993 Nikishima Corporation, Shimaya Corporation, Yukijirushi Products Co., Ltd., Yukijirushi Co., Ltd., and Tokyo Yukijirushi Sales Co., Ltd. merged on an equal footing and became a new company named as Yukijirushi Access Co., Ltd.
Mr. Nobuta became president.
July 1994 ACCESS Association has sprouted in all areas by supplier volunteers.
November 1996 Moved company headquarters to Nozawa, Setagaya Ward, Tokyo Prefecture.
June 1997 Mr. Yuasa became president.
March 2002 Acquired shares of Sugino Yukijirushi Access Co., Ltd. and Kyushu Yukijirushi Sales Co., Ltd., as consolidated subsidiaries.
June 2002 Founded Access Research & Development Center (current D&S Solutions Co., Ltd.).
July 2002 Snow Brand Milk Products Co., Ltd. is no longer our parent company as company shares were transferred.
June 2003 Mr. Yoshino became president.
April 2004 Changes company name to "NIPPON ACCESS,INC."
March 2006 With active investment in centers, gross business size reached 1.5 trillion yen in worth.Note: gross business size is combination of total sales and amount passed in logistic business.
April 2006 Together with Kokubu Co., Ltd. and Ryoshoku Co., Ltd., established Japan Inforex, Inc.
June 2006 Executed TOB by ITOCHU Corporation (60.4%).
September 2006 Signed merger agreement with Nishino Corporation.
March 2007 We entered into a business alliance with Alfresa Holdings Corporation
Spread 2010 - Establishing Next Generation Wholesale Foundation and New ACCESS Way -
April 2007 ITOCHU Group Nishino Trading Co., Ltd.
Joint venture with Nishino Trading Co., Ltd. *ITOCHU Corporation capital share becomes 69.7% At the same time, made DOLCE Co.,Ltd, Minowa Co.,Ltd, SHINKO Co.,Ltd, and NIS Food Service Corporation. as subsidiary companies.
May 2007 Moved company headquarters to Ikejiriohashi, Setagaya Ward, Tokyo Prefecture.
March 2008 1 trillion yen in terms of sales Gross business size pasts 2.5 trillion yen in worth
June 2009 Mr. Tanaka became president
March 2010 ITOCHU Corporation executes TOB for the second time. By this, ITOCHU Corporation (93.77%) and MEGMILK SNOW BRAND Co.,Ltd. (6.23%) became the only 2 shareholders.
March 2011 Consolidated Family Corporation. Acquired Universal Food Co., Ltd. shares and made into a consolidated subsidiary.
Make ACCESS Value 2012 - Aspiring to be the most client-trusted, strong partner wholesaler -
August 2011 Moved headquarters to Osaki, Shinagawa Ward, Tokyo Prefecture
October 2011

Business merger with ITOCHU Fresh Corporation. (At the same time made Access Fresh Food Processing Corporation as a subsidiary company). Founded Access Business Purposes Market Development Research Association.

Founded ACCESS wholesale market development workshop

November 2011 Gave birth to Meal Rings
March 2012 Founded ACCESS Logistics Association.
May 2012 Acquired GIMA Access Co.,Ltd. shares and made into equity-method affiliated company.
Make ACCESS VALUE 2015 - Emergence ‐
April 2013 Founded A K Franchise System.
January 2014 Divided Fresh Foods Processing Business into Fruit & Vegetables and Marine Products, and named the marine products processing company as Marine Access Corporation.
February 2016 Founded Japan food supply Co,Ltd.
ACCESS REBORN 2017 ‐ Reform and Productivity Growth in Practice ‐
June 2016 Mr. Sasaki became president
July 2016 New Private Brand “Delcy” and “miwabi” Launch.
October 2016 Consolidated Universal food Co., Ltd.
March 2017 The sales amount is 2 trillion yen, the total business scale topped 4.4 trillion yen.
New ACCESS Way 2020 ‐ Evolution and Creation ‐
July 2018 Relocated headquarters to Nishi-Shinagawa, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo
October 2018 Founded ACCESS dried food and noodle market development workshop
March 2019 Became a wholly owned subsidiary of ITOCHU Corporation
April 2020 Founded Wonder Chilldea Inc.