Providing Latest Marketing Information

As we understand diversified consumer needs, we collect consumer behavior and information etc. with the unique viewpoint of our company. Based on those data, we provide an analysis report that can be utilized for merchandise development and promotion, and an original sales promotion magazine etc..

A Sales Promotion Magazine “MIND”

This is an information magazine that introduces consumer behavior calendar and sales promotion plan proposals of 52 weeks and on each month basis. It is issued 4 times a year.

A Sales Promotion Magazine “MIND”

Trend Information

  • [ Sakiyomi-kun ]
    (Sakiyomi means to ‘read forward’ or ‘to predict’ in Japanese)

    This is a report that predicts trends based on each food category type. It is issued 4 times a year.

  • [ Trend Box ]

    As having food servicing information as core, this is a report that picks up “signs of trend” that entails food.