Social media policy

Established in July 2018

NIPPON ACCESS will use social media to disseminate information in order to make more people aware of us. Please make sure that you agree to the terms below when using this service.

Exemption from responsibility

  • ● The statements by employees in social media other than Nippon Access Official Account are not guaranteed to be accurate, and they do not necessarily represent our view.
  • ● The Company shall not be responsible at all for the content posted by a user.
  • ● Those that infringe the copyright, portrait right or intellectual property right of our company or a third party
  • ● The Company shall not take any responsibility at all for any trouble or dispute caused at a user or between a user and a third party in relation to its social media.
  • ● We are not liable for any damage caused by the user or third party due to any trouble between the user or the trouble between the user and the third party in relation to our social media.
  • ● Operation of the social media and the information described on them may be closed, suspended, changed or deleted without any prior notice.


Please refrain from the following actions for our account. Comments may be deleted if the user's behavior falls under any of the following.

  • ◯ Action to identify, disclose or divulge any private communications with the Company or a third party or any personal information, privacy or secret information without consent from the person such information belongs to.
  • ◯ Action to obstruct the Company's operation of the social media, or action to cause or suspected to cause any disadvantage at a third party , or action to prevent other customers from using or accessing the Company's social media or a part of such social media
  • ◯ Obscene expressions, discriminatory expressions, violent expressions, etc. that make other users unpleasant
  • ◯ Infringement of the copyright, trademark right or other intellectual property right held by the Company or a third party.
  • ◯ Action for any other action which is or is suspected to be against laws, regulations, or public order and standards of decency
  • ◯ Things that generate profits other than us, such as advertising, advertising, and solicitation purposes
  • ◯ Content not related to the content of our official account
  • ◯ Spoof postings, including harmful programs
  • ◯ Action for political or election activities, religious activities or criminal conduct; action inducing criminal conduct; action to abuse and slander any particular individual
  • ◯ Any other action the Company judges inappropriate in the light of the purpose of its social media


All copyrights etc. of the content posted by a customer belong to the customer who posted it. Note that the posting of the content shall be deemed as granting of perpetual license to allow the Company to non-exclusively use the content free of charge all over the world, and as agreement not to exercise the copyrights etc. against the Company.

Handling of personal information

When the Company obtains personal information from customers, it will appropriately manage the information in accordance with the privacy policy it specifies.

Governing law, jurisdiction

The use of this website and our official account shall be interpreted in accordance with Japanese law, and for any dispute regarding our official account or this website, the Tokyo District Court shall be the exclusive court of the first trial. will do.

Our official account list (as of April 2019)

In addition, this social media policy (guideline) may be changed without notice.
In this case, the latest Social Media Policy shall apply.