Food Service and Lunch Service

We aim to become best partners that can grow together with our customers as we create together. Upon customer request, we provide optimized solution with our functions of commercial and physical distribution and food safety.

Commercial Distribution Solution
Commercial Distribution Solution
  • ①Centralized Merchandising

    As a combined order supplying vendor, our customers can centralize the purchasing account, and increase efficiency of the accounting operations.

  • ②Merchandise Proposal

    We propose optimized merchandising, such as: category analysis of the merchandises utilizing BI tool, centralized merchandising as the development of multi-category business increases inventory, fresh foods, daily deliveries, frozen food, alcohol beverages, and equipment & consumables.

  • ③Material Supplying

    We supply items such as marine & agriculture products, localized materials, and foreign materials with the combined effort of ITOCHU Group. We supply fruit and vegetables from nationwide vendors and provide safe usage with the establishment of specialized call center.

  • ④Back Office

    Reduce operations of head office by assisting in inventory control with demand prediction, master registration, and product replacement.

  • ⑤Commercial Distribution Development

    We support in the product development of head office’s PB (Private Brand) and store limited items etc..

Logistic Solution
Logistic Solution
  • ①Logistic Designing

    We design and construct necessary logistic network for storefront delivery through assisting in finding optimized distribution base from store location, goods delivery conditions, product characteristics, and PB (Private Brand) factories etc. and in calculating the lead time from order to delivery.

  • ②Nationwide Delivery Network

    We will actualize the increase of delivery efficiency through setting physical distribution centers nationwide that have frozen and chilled facilities and fully installing with 3-temperature-zones-adapting delivery vehicles, flexible delivery network that corresponds with store opening plans , and combined delivery.

  • ③Supply Distribution Network

    We design and construct distribution network necessary for supplying such as take-off distribution from manufacturer to center, trunk-line distribution between centers, and supplying nationwide from mother centers.

  • ④Quality Control

    We maintain control of the distribution quality through system control of expiration date and delivery freshness, ultra-freezing and virtual (environmental) etc. temperature control, and through setting rules in physical distribution and adhering to such rules.

  • ⑤Stable Supply

    We practice daily support to realize stable provisioning such as adapting to extreme weathers of heavy snow and hurricanes with increased vehicles and early dispatch, emergency communication network etc..

2 Business Models Nippon Access accessible

At food service distribution sales department, we respond to various customer needs through 2 business models of ‘supplier model’ and ‘VMI model.‘