Total Lifestyle Proposal
Medicine, Food, and Housing

We entered into a business alliance since March 2011 with Alfresa Holdings Corporation which is a pharmaceutical wholesalers, Alfresa Healthcare Corporation, and Arata Corporation which is a commodity wholesaler. We aim to actualize the total lifestyle proposal of “Medicine, Food, and Housing” and work to correspond to diversifying customer needs and lifestyle changes.
We are considering the possibility of working together in many fields such as sales and promotion, logistics, and merchandise development.

Triple A
Area of Business Alliance

Area of Business Alliance

  • 1. As a total lifestyle proposal wholesaler group, we provide joint sales department proposal, storefront sales promotion, and information analysis and provision for the sales aspect which includes cross merchandising.
  • 2. Increasing efficiency of the logistics (joint logistic4s, consolidated distribution, and joint delivery etc.) by making good use of the management resources
  • 3. Joint utilization of the retail support function by each company to strengthen marketing function
  • 4. Joint product development of the consumer related field
  • 5. Examining the joint operations development in overseas centering China
  • 6. Other four companies agreed upon