Working Environment

We strive to create and provide an environment which brings out
all employees make it challenge easily.

  • Promoting Diversity

    In order to become a company where each employee can demonstrate his or her abilities to the fullest and feel motivated, we have launched a Diversity Promotion Working Group. We select members from across the company to promote understanding and penetration of diversity. We are also conducting trials of various measures such as flextime and telework, examining solutions to issues faced by employees from various angles.

    Promoting Diversity
  • Human Resource Development Program
    Human Resource Development Program

    Supports employee skill improvement through various systems such as training, study sessions, and qualification support systems. We believe that the growth of each employee leads to the growth of the entire company.

  • Human Rights Awareness and Education

    Respect is one of the fundamental values we have established for our employees. Through human rights training and public recruitment of slogans in accordance with Human Rights Week, we educate people about the importance of recognizing each other and thinking and acting from the standpoint of the other party.

    Human Rights Awareness and Education
  • Health Support

    We aim to realize health oriented management so that employees can be healthy both mentally and physically and thus continue to work for a long time. We support employee health through various measures such as counseling systems by employees who have acquired Industrial Counselor Certification, expansion of health checkup items, smoking cessation programs and health promotion plans.