Social Contribution

We conduct a wide range of social action programs through food, like reconstruction support,
collaboration with international organizations, food education, and so forth.

  • Support for the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP)

    The United Nations WFP is working to achieve a world free of hunger. NIPPON ACCESS supports the organization's School Meals activities.

  • Contributing to Local Communities and the Next Generation

    In various areas and centers, we continuously host educational school field trips. We provide opportunities to communicate with the local community, while fostering understanding and interest in food and logistics, for children who will lead the next generation.

  • Cosponsorship of High School Cooking Competition, Umaimon Koshien
    Umaimon Koshien

    We are a sponsor for Umaimon Koshien, a food project that seeks to invigorate regional communities and support the dreams of high school students.

  • Our Unique Reconstruction Support Project, Meal Rings

    We have implemented the Meal Rings Project, which donates a portion of the sales of all private brand products, miwabi, to disaster-affected areas. We are creating activities that expand rings of food from disaster areas to the whole country and vice versa.

  • Continuous Food Support

    Along with reducing food loss, we provide food support through food banks and local children's cafeteria networks nationwide.

  • Promotion of Food Education

    We promote food education activities through school classes and cooking classes with the aim of passing on food culture and fostering the next generation. We carry out a wide range of activities to convey the importance and joy of food.