Food Safety and Security

To ensure the safety and security of food,
we strive to share and disseminate awareness and information throughout the field.

  • Seminars for Group Companies

    We regularly visit group companies throughout Japan to spread awareness of compliance with laws and regulations related to food safety.

  • Development of Food Safety Control Manuals

    All employees can refer to our in-house intranet system that covers all basic rules and related laws.

  • Distribution of Food Safety Handbooks
    Distribution of Food Safety Handbooks

    A portable handbook containing internal rules related to food safety management and factory inspection checkpoints is distributed to all employees. We work to inform and ingrain the knowledge necessary regarding rules for handling safe and secure products, food labeling, and quality control.

  • Seminars for Business Partners

    We invite full-time lecturers to hold study sessions on food safety-related topics throughout Japan.

  • In-house Seminars

    We hold study sessions for all employees to improve their knowledge and awareness of food safety.

  • Seminars for Subcontractors

    Nippon Access shares ideas regarding food safety with companies that we outsource logistics center operations.

  • Participation in Exhibitions

    At the Nippon Access Exhibition, we introduce food safety activities.

    Participation in Exhibitions

From our manufacturing plants to distribution centers,
we conduct audits to ensure safety and security.

  • Confirmation of specification sheet of the products

    For both private brands and special products for certain customers, we conduct thorough checks by related qualification holders, for compliance with the Food Labeling Act and the Act against Unjustifiable Premiums and Misleading Representations.

  • Factory Audit (1) Manufacturing Process of PB Products

    We conduct factory audits according to international standards for factories which we outsource the manufacture of PB products.

  • Factory Audit (2) Limited Edition (Limited to Our Company) Products and New Factories

    HACCP audits are conducted every year on plants that manufacture kits of delicatessen and foodservice products.

  • Frozen Chilled Qualification System

    By establishing a qualification system for operations such as proper labeling of temperature zone changes, which require diligent attention, as well as expiration dates, we are working to prevent accidents before they happen.