Food Safety and Security

We are striving to share and promote information
in order to protect the safety and security of food.

  • Distribution of Food Safety Handbooks
    Distribution of Food Safety Handbooks

    A portable handbook containing internal rules related to food safety management and factory inspection checkpoints is distributed to all employees. We work to inform and ingrain the knowledge necessary regarding rules for handling safe and secure products, food labeling, and quality control.

  • Holding study sessions for our clients

    We conduct study sessions in various places every year, and are involved in improving knowledge regarding food safety of our client companies.

  • Holding in-house study sessions

    We hold study sessions for all employees that are involved in providing safe and secure food in order to raise the level of knowledge and awareness of food safety.

  • Participation in Exhibitions

    We share the latest information on food safety with visitors and introduce food safety management activities.

    Participation in Exhibitions

From various perspectives,
we conduct confirmation in order to protect
“food safety and security”.

  • Management of standards documents

    (1) We check the contents of standards documents for PB products, exclusive products and such to make sure that the wordings used for batch display or packages are in compliance with the law.
    (2) We pay close attention to make sure there are no omissions of allergies and confirm documents such as certificates of origin or expiration date setting basis.

  • Factory Audit

    We conduct audits of our manufacturing plants according to transaction types.
    (1) Manufacturing Process of PB Products・Limited Edition Products
    (2) Event product(Ekiben:bento boxes sold at train stations)
    (3) Confirmation according to the client's request style
    (4) Support for emergency, complaints and such

    PB Products
  • Management of temperature zone changing products

    As a company in charge of temperature zone changing, we inspect temperature changing products (frozen chilled and frozen dry products) after defrosting them or check documents such as preservation inspection certificates.