Global Environment

To take measure the global warming and the realize a low-carbon society,
we are working on energy-saving activities throughout the company.

  • Solar Power Generation Systems

    By installing solar power generation systems at six sites and generating electricity using renewable energy, we are contributing to reducing CO2 emissions.

  • Energy Saving at Distribution Centers

    Energy-saving activities using both hardware and software, such as led lighting and visualization of energy usage, have achieved an average energy saving of 3.8% over the past five years.

  • Recipient of S Rating for Energy Conservation for four Consecutive Years

    We have received the Agency of Natural Resources and Energy's highest rating for energy conservation from fiscal 2015 to 2018.

  • We introduced a system for visualization of power usage

    Power usage monitoring systems are installed at major distribution centers. We are trying to raise awareness of energy conservation.

  • Energy conservation education at major sites

    Energy-saving consultants visit our large-scale sites. They provide hearing and interviews, method guidance, and classroom-style learning.

  • Improving fuel efficiency of company vehicles

    By introducing company cars with features such as automatic braking and promotion of environment-friendly driving, we are implementing measures to improve fuel efficiency.

In order to realize a recycling-oriented society,
we are working to reduce food loss
and developing systems to promote recycling.

  • Reduction of Food Loss

    To minimize the generation of waste, we are actively working on improving demand prediction accuracy, merchandise sellout, and reviewing business practices.

  • ISO14001 Environmental Management System Initiatives

    Our headquarters organization has acquired ISO14001 certification. We have set environmental targets and continuously improve our environmental conservation activities.

  • Food Recycling Initiatives

    Food waste generated at distribution centers nationwide is outsourced on a priority basis to recycling processors for things like feed and fertilizer. Since fiscal 2013, we have achieved a recycling rate of over 70% annually, which we are working further improve.

  • Promotion of Environmental Education

    We provide environmental education concerning issues. NIPPON ACCESS is compelled to address, such as food loss, recycling, and energy conservation, employing a variety of approaches. We also conduct environmental promotion and Eco-leader training in departments subject to ISO14001 certification, e-learning of CSR activities for company executives, directors, and all employees, and tours of food recycling plants. Through these various activities, we raise the environmental awareness of all employees.