~ Towards achieving our SDGs ~

The SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) adopted at the UN Summit in 2015
have spawned a global movement to realize a sustainable global society.
Nippon Access strongly agrees with the SDGs' philosophy of leaving no one behind on earth.
Through business initiatives focused on areas of Food Safety and Security, the Global Environment,
the Working Environment, and Social Contribution, we contribute to the realization
of the SDGs and the creation of a sustainable society.


NIPPON ACCESS engages with business activities with our corporate philosophy of
"Serving as a bridge for the future of people and food
by uniting abilities of individuals and improving job satisfaction through 'protecting,
connecting and making' deliciousness that touches people's hearts".

Based on this corporate philosophy, we regard the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
which were adopted by the United Nations in 2015
as our important goals and shall contribute to the realization of a sustainable society
by managing both solving social issues through our main business and creating new values.

In order to contribute to solving social issues presented by the SDGs,
NIPPON ACCESS shall sort out and focus on four business activities, namely,
“Food Safety and Security”,“Global Environment”,“Working Environment” and
“Social Contribution”. By extending these activities throughout the food supply chain,
we shall play a role in rich dietary life.